IoT Security

To best serve our enterprise customers, IoT security has always been DIGIMONDO's top priority.

Product Development Principles

This core drive to be secure results in product development practices that:

  • Embrace open community accepted standards.
  • Utilize approved practices and libraries with openness and public validation, security by open validation; not by obscurity.
  • Continual updates ensure the strongest and most current defense. We develop with the intent to update, resolve, and protect against future vulnerability discoveries.
  • Default permissions are always set to none, no lazy development permitted.
  • No back doors! Build a security model that doesn't require secret master permission.

Client IoT Solution Fundamentals

For our solutions and delivery this means:

Judicious Privileges

Never over empower a user or device beyond its necessity.

API Layer Abstraction

Leverage API layers to protect and guard systems of record along with their system credentials.

Specific Auth Model

Create and implement the auth model that matches the needs of the solution.

Compliant + Flexible Architecture

Enterprises need solutions that are flexible beyond clouds and across their internal infrastructure. DIGIMONDO recognized this and built a flexible deployment architecture from the ground up. The flexibility of the architecture unique to DIGIMONDO is best summarized by:

  • Platform performs optimally on any infrastructure. There is no dependency on cloud specific APIs or definitions. The DIGIMONDO platform will run on any Linux OS leveraging containers to fit within the boundaries of your secure network. Whether virtualized or bare metal, DIGIMONDO can install and run securely next to your core systems and behind your firewall.
  • Local Edges - Even when using a cloud based platform it's still possible to build IoT systems that have secure access behind your firewall. The DIGIMONDO edge devices can provide critical enterprise integration, run within the enterprise security requirement, and manage entire remote IoT applications. The edges provide ways to leverage cloud value, while protecting your enterprise security.

Security Authentication

DIGIMONDO enforces a token based authentication model for both authenticated and anonymous interactions. This means that every interaction in the system requires a device and user to gain a valid token.

This token model enables:

  • Comprehensive auditing of every session.
  • Simple customization to allow for system specific duration.
  • Extensibility for third party user registries to grant the permission.
  • Override capability to build 2 factor auth. Flexibility to leverage user credentials / device keys / trusted certificates.

Security Authority

DIGIMONDO provides a role based authority model for granting privileges. The ability to allow only specific actors, whether a device or user, to access each granular element of a system.

This means you can design specific control limits or expand who can perform actions such as:


Which devices can send messages.

Data Access

What users are able to read a data collection.

Users & Roles

Which administrators can update user information.

IoT Security Awareness

Recognizing the potential for emerging threats, DIGIMONDO has made IoT system awareness core to its offering. Security is always evolving and while building the best solution upfront is desired, there are often attempts at intrusion and abuse of your IoT system. With DIGIMONDO you have the:

  • Audit every transaction including API calls, messages, user actions, data CRUD ever performed.
  • Get real-time system usage to identify for abnormal behavior like if a single credential is accessing large amounts of data.
  • Integration volume to rapidly see if enterprise applications are behaving with unidentified network traffic.
  • Device activity to ensure you receive expected heart beats and payloads from your connected devices.

IoT Security Encryption

By encrypting your data you can be sure that no matter what server it resides on or what network infrastructure it travels over, the secured data can not be read by prying eyes.

DIGIMONDO leverages the community best practices to ensure that data is encrypted during:


  • Engrained for all users communicating to the platform
  • Integrated for enterprise applications sharing information (additional 3rd party encryption may be leveraged)
  • Embedded into devices, adding an additional protection layer, even when their source protocol offers limited security
  • Inherit in every transaction between the DIGIMONDO Edge and IoT Platform

At Rest

  • Encrypt cached and stored data within the DIGIMONDO platform
  • Protect low-level file systems
  • Secure your data across all elements of your IoT Ecosystem

Internal Transit

  • Communicate securely between DIGIMONDO instances
  • Communicate securely between Cloud Providers
  • Extensible to 3rd Party Trust Authorities
  • All messages, systems, API calls, and data transfers are fully logged and auditable
  • You maintain encryption keys to protect secure IoT data from Cloud Vendors, Hosting Providers, and other internal teams