It is already a known fact that most of the municipalities face an issue with accessing underground ducts, as these must be checked manually on regular basis. Main reason for inspection: Identify pipe damage - water in the shaft is an indication for pipe damage, however this could also be rainwater.

DIGIMONDO offers you an infrastructure setup with a temperature monitoring and water level measuring sensor that can distinguish between district heating water & rainwater, and triggers an alarm.

  1. Informs the operator in real time of potential pipe damage.
  2. Cost savings through the elimination of unnecessary shaft checks.
  3. Battery lifetime lasts more than 5 years.
  4. Signal penetration strength adaptable to different shaft depths.


Reading out smart meter data efficiently and in an inexpensive manner from basements has been one of the biggest challenges in the past for the Utility sector.
However not anymore, as Digimondo’s network server, firefly, is part of Germany’s largest LoRaWAN IoT rollouts, for deploying more than 1.100 smart electricity meters in the city of Gehrden and surrounding areas.
The network has generated efficiency of higher than 97% uninterrupted connectivity, compared to approximately 80% efficiency of meters in basements with classic mobile radio connectivity like LTE.

  1. The meter data is recorded at every 15-minute interval in firefly. All the values are displayed in real-time
  2. e.on views this data on the Meter-App.
  3. e.on on rely on access of data 24*7, even in the event of network interruption.

Semtech published a paper on this very successful pilot:


Clocks at train stations go out of synch. Until the out-of-synch clock is detected, it takes a lot of time. A LoRaWAN sensor on the clock detects damages and synchronization status.
The data are then being forwarded to DIGIMONDO firefly LoRaWAN network server, the packets pass niota as IoT Plattform. Niota one the one hand serves as MQTT broker and forwards the data to the adjacent IT support systems. On the other hand niota offers all data as WebSocket to the DB Smart Services App, a modern Web-App built by DIGIMONDO.

  1. Informs the operator in real time of potential pipe damage, in addition the clock calls automatically for a service technician.
  2. Improvement of customer value due to less damaged clocks.
  3. BackEnd integration and automated service technician dispatching